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Our content-rich media invites reflection, engagement and opportunities for novel, user-driven collaboration. Virtual tools let you do real science, insert yourself into a challenge (or slip into someone else’s shoes) and make choices to create a better world!


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Science & Society

We create websites, apps and interactive media that explores this pivotal intersection.

  • Conservation Biology
  • Health Sciences
  • STEM/Robotics
  • Quantified Self
  • Sustainable Living

Biotech, Giant Pandas and Biofuels

Check out my hands-on, minds-on projects.


Museums & Foundations

I have collaborated with museums, universities and foundations nation-wide.

  • Multi-user Interactives
  • Distance Learning
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Curricula & Action Plans
  • Interactive Websites
  • Family Learning

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I recommend Paula highly and without any reservation whatsoever. (Dr. J. Larry Brown, Brandeis University & Harvard School of Public Health)

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