How Does Your Car Go?

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Does switchgrass come to mind when thinking about filling up the family car? This new app, developed for Creative Discovery Museum, invites people to consider various fuel options, including biofuels, as they undertake a journey by car across the US with various outcomes.

The game content was already in place when I came on board, but I created original content, graphics, animation and video on:

  • biofuels
  • switchgrass
  • renewable energy
  • hybrid cars
  • electric cars
  • fossil fuels (oil)
  • ethanol
  • how plants get energy
  • photosynthesis
  • the carbon cycle

Brad Larson Media contracted me to do video content, graphics, animation and production for the legs of the journey. The museum and its science partners were pleased with my work so I’ve now been asked to develop the four remaining legs of this journey.

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