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    Parent's Choice Gold (Web Category)

    Conservation Central for Smithsonian’s National Zoo.

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    Webby Worthy

    Leading International award recognizing excellence in Web design, functionality, and creativity. (Conservation Central)

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    Best museum website

    Museums and the Web for Conservation Central. 100+ nominees.

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    2x AAM Muse Award, Science

    Human or Machine? for Museum of Science, Boston; Conservation Central for SNZP

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    Best non-profit website in MA

    MIMC (Massachusetts Interactive Media Council) award for Creating Spaces for Learning.

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    2x Emmy Award Nominee (New England)

    Memories, Voices and Choices for MCET in collaboration with US Holocaust Museum.

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    3x Telecon USDLA First Place Award

    Best Distance Learning Program via the Internet, Best Community Service Program via Distance Learning, Best Distance Learning Program. (Peace it Together)

  • Connector.

    GII Semi-finalist

    Ziff Davis’ Global Information Infrastructure award, Community and Health category. (Peace it Together)

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    MITX Nominee, Best Non-Profit Website

    Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange award (Conservation Central)

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What Clients Say

“It was a joy working with Paula on the Forest Walk project. She was great at converting my ramblings into lessons for students. It was nice to see the project move from ideas to reality with a minimum of stress for everyone involved.”
Wow, the website is amazing! Thanks, Paula, for all your hard work in making this resource such an amazing tool for teachers, students, and the public! It’s especially nice that we are able to get some of the Zoo’s interesting and sometimes complex science stories, tools, methods and results out to a National (and wider!) audience in such an innovative way!”
“Your [Peace it Together] website is not only an incredible resource, but it is obvious that it was carefully and thoughtfully developed. Thanks for making JoinTogether a plug-in partner.”
“Paula possesses a unique understanding and skills set in the production and curriculum areas…Indeed, Paula Sincero is a rare find in the curriculum and production world. She is highly skilled and competent. Her Peace it Together website won many first place national awards and made MCET proud. She has very high expectations and ensures her programs have strong production and educational values.…Paula has the ability to think and rethink her strategies during the production process. She is flexible and is most willing to make changes to improve program quality…She is an outstanding resource and a dedicated employee.”


“Paula has created, designed, developed and produced curricula that lead on-air program design in her specialty areas.”…Her use of curriculum theory and knowledge of what is ‘current’ in educational pedagogy made her curriculum packages items of high demand.… In my tenure in the field of education, I have worked with few persons to whom I would afford the rating of exceptional in regard to their curriculum knowledge and presentation. Ms. Sincero is certainly one of those people.”
“I remain impressed with Paula’s professional background and intellectual rigor. She is first and foremost an educator who brings a commitment to issues of social justice to every program she designs for MCET. Through working with Paula I learned how her social vision influences every aspect of each project. In each of her programs, whether on world languages, the humanities, and/or the social sciences, is reflected a thoughtfulness and commitment to civic education. She has a deep interest in developing distance learning programs that enhance students understanding of civic responsibility through teaching students to analyze different viewpoints, recognize their participation in a diverse society, and seek to challenge inequities.”
“Paula developed a national curriculum guide for public school teachers to direct young people in community service activities to address domestic hunger. This project involved several organizational entities, its chief challenge being to take varying ideas and interests and combine them into a coherent program. Paula was most instrumental in orchestrating the successful outcome from this mix. Moreover, I observed her ability to successfully operationalize this outcome in the form of a curriculum format and materials of ready usefulness to busy classroom teachers. Throughout this process, she was cordial, professional and most willing to take responsibility to shape the end product.…I recommend her highly and without any reservation whatsoever.”
“The Gerda and Kurt Klein Foundation was thrilled with the tolerance curriculum developed by Paula Sincero to accompany our five-part educational series, Memories, Voices & Choices. Her creative use of activities, questions and additional study sources made the curriculum an outstanding asset for the classroom teacher.”
“We express our deep appreciation to Paula J. Sincero who developed the curriculum units with an impressive combination of professional acumen and passion of the spirit.” (Gerda and Kurt Klein of Klein Foundation)
“Subject: Today’s Visit with Beth, Gerda, and Kurt –Your sensitivity to this show and its numerous issues will make the show a sure success. My deepest thanks. All of our guests left with wonderful feelings and a clear sense of direction and accomplishment. –Bill”
“Hi Paula! I want to thank you for planning such a memorable experience for my students. They enjoyed it very much and I was proud of their effort. You always made them feel welcome and good about themselves.”
“Dear Mrs. Sincero: On behalf of the Massachusetts Regional Office of the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration, we would like to congratulate you on the tremendous success of the development and broadcast of this semester’s Los caminos program. Again, congratulations on this tremendous endeavor and rest assured that you may count on our assistance again in the future. Paula, ¡gracias por tu apoyo!”
“Thank you so much for all your support! You’re great. I got home last evening and watched the tape with the other volunteers that help me out. They thought it was great, expecially the introduction. It is obvious that you really love what you do, and it shows. I am sure the exposure from the web site will fuel me even more than I already am. The great work you do will spread MAVIS’ name across the US! Let’s continue to stay in touch because I have a lot of interest in the rest of the shows. Linda”
“Paula, What can we say? You are a great woman! Thanks so much for letting us co-host Peace It Together. You always prepared us and made it fun! We made a DIFFERENCE. Love, Gianna and Leanna”

Paula, well I guess that this is goodbye. Out of all my five months at MCET, you were the only person I really felt comfortable around. You made me feel at home…I give you my best wishes and all of my love. Always,  Your Peace it Together Intern, Charese. P. S. I’ve attached a little something that I wrote in your honor.”

“The children love the job of being the phone intermediary, to field the students’ questions, and to talk directly to those on the live program. It provides them with such a sense of responsibility and the entire class pulls together so that our questions come off well on the tube. Also, I find that it is important for children to learn that television is not all passive, blue funk, open-mouthed viewing, and that the screen need not be exuding loud noises and flashes of eye-blinking color. I want them to discover that educational TV can be a conduit to new and provocative discoveries in learning. Kudos go to the MCET staff for their readiness and willingness to help with the local glitches that we have experienced. The children loved doing the project for the “Writing Women In” program and look forward to participating in the studio. What an opportunity! –Cheerio,–Clare Molloy”
“I am the principal of a high school in Chicago. Unfortunately, I found this site too late to get our students involved. I am VERY interested in participating should the live broadcasts be offered again. Looks like you do a HUGE service to youth and schools. Keep up the good work! “
“The program and website [Peace It Together] provided me with specific ideas and techniques for managing stressful situations which many of my students experience either directly or indirectly in today’s changing society. The materials and programs far exceeded my expectations.”