Guiding Principles

We Educate

I’ve got a curious mind and I love to spark curiosity and inquisitiveness in others! I integrate inquiry-based learning into all of my work from print to media in educational publishing, on the web, and via live, interactive television. When I told my young son that we are always learning, he asked, “Where is your school?” and I replied, “All around me!”

We Pursue Excellence

I relish a good challenge and I like to do things with grace and excellence. I have received 13 awards and two Emmy nominations for my work in media. Simply stated, every website that I’ve developed for others has won a first place award, including national and international recognition.

We Collaborate & We include

We listen to and respect what our clients want and need and we actively collaborate with them to achieve a stellar result. We have hands-on, real-world experience with inclusive universal design and we’ve done testing to make sure our media is accessible to those with sight, hearing, and mobility issues.

We are Creative

As a child I always found novel ways of using things and doing things and that seems to persist into adulthood, happily! I embrace my creativity and find it is a great counterbalance to my uber efficient style. Sometimes pulling back and thinking a new unblocks roadblocks.